Renovate your home

To  live in:

In your own home you may not be entirely focused on renovating purely to make profit.  We understand that in your home  these are spaces you use everyday and you want to get that right. We can help - click here to see our recent projects!

The Focus team will:

  • Determine the project requirements upfront and align with the budget and your expectations

  • Help you determine your style

  • Look at ways to make your house more functional by utilising existing space

  • We will provide a renovation plan with a detailed cost estimate

  • Finalise any additional requirements and adjust the budget and scope documents

  • Create an organised project with great tradespeople - we know the right people to use and are familiar with the local environment 

To sell:

Renovating a house prior to sale can be a great way to increase the sale price and your profit.. 

Did you know:

  •  It takes a buyer roughly 20-30 seconds to form an impression of your property, so improve the street appeal so you get more buyers through the door.