"The Block" Vs. Reality

As a professional renovator I actually quite enjoy watching 'The Block' tv show. Some of the couples have really great design ideas.

Many building and construction professionals will tell you 'The Block' is not realistic compared to real life renovating. Well - thanks captain obvious - it's a TV show!

Shows like 'The Block' need to be taken with a grain of salt. However, as a budding renovator you can still learn from their mistakes. Here are the three mistakes I wanted to highlight:

1) Are you renovating to sell or to stay in the property? Many of the couples are building to their own design preferences and not to the buyers. If you are planning on selling your property post renovation - try and take your emotion out of the equation and analyse the target market for your suburb. For example: Are you selling to a family? Can you convert your garage to a parents retreat and then put a carport out front?

2) Budget. These contestants are building GIANT ensuites in their guest bedrooms with high tech toilet suites! Is it needed - I highly doubt it. They could build a smaller bathroom and increase their tiling budget and their wow factor. If you are unsure how much a renovation should cost then seek advice from industry bodies such as Housing Industry Australia - they will give you a good idea. Just a tip - floor to ceiling tiles aren't always necessary - try going to 1200mm (half height) high in the bathroom excluding the shower area (normally 2100mm).

3) Timeframes. The timeframes on The Block are out of control. You will not - I repeat WILL NOT find trades in the real world that are willing to work on top of each other like this. And you don't want them to - it isn't safe, things aren't done properly (i.e. waterproofing) and you will get a sub-par product. Have realistic expectations on how long things are going to take. A normal bathroom renovation will take 2-3 weeks depending on the complexity. If you have one bathroom in your home we often organise a portable bathroom for our customers - they are a great option #glamping!

Well, that's it from me for now! #focusrenovations #theblock

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