List of common reno recommendations!

It can be overwhelming to determine what needs to be done to update your property. So here at Focus Renovations we have put together a list of recommendations for your kitchen, bathroom and exterior.

The heart of the home - the Kitchen:

  • Paint the existing cabinetry

  • Re-tiling the splashback

  • Changing the hardware (i.e. hadles)

  • Change the tapware

  • Add trendy lighting (i.e. down lights, pendants over the island)

  • Replace the old benchtop or cupboard fronts

  • Replace old appliances (new appliances are very affordable nowadays and we can provide wholesale price packages through our cabinet maker)

​And then sometimes .. you just need a new kitchen. The kitchen featured in this article couldn't be salvaged, the oven was broken, the cabinetry was buckling, the fridge had no home and the countertop was worn and dated.

First impressions count - the Exterior:

  • Paint the trims, gutters, fascias and bargeboards on your house

  • Replace or repaint the front door to add interest and create a focal point.

  • Simplify landscaping

  • Re-paint or replace fences, awnings, porticos and porch details

  • If you don’t have a fence, consider adding one along the front boundary to add definition and soften the exterior.

  • Render your property

The start and finish of everyday - the Bathroom:

Sometimes our poor bathrooms don't get the credit they deserve - did you know that the average person will spend about 1.5 years of his or her lifetime in the bathroom. Bathrooms offer us a place to hide, refresh, take a break. Adding a bathroom may be what your house needs “There are now on average 2.6 bathrooms per new home,” says Greg Weller, spokesperson of the Housing Industry Association. .If your kitchen and exterior are in good condition - this is where your should turn next:

  • Replace old taps, spouts and shower heads with good quality fittings

  • Ensure there is enough storage in the vanity or invest in a recessed mirror cabinet or built-in storage.

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