Our value add

​What is the renovation life-cycle?

Any project, no matter the size has key stages; initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and close out (see below).  Often enough time isn't spent in the first two stages and we want to "jump right in and get it done". 

The Focus renovation life-cycle

At Focus Renovations, we take the chaos of renovating and make it stream lined and efficient.  We will look after you from the beginning (initiation) to end (close out).  People often think renovating will be easy - well its not (and people need to know that).  It can be as complicated as building a new property - and trust me, you want experts on your side.

Managing the process

The Focus team will:

  • Determine the project requirements upfront and align with the budget and your expectations

  • We will provide a detailed quotation

  • Finalise any additional requirements and adjust the budget and scope documents

  • An organised project with great tradespeople - we know the right people to use and are familiar with the local environment (i.e. materials)

Project Initiation

In this phase we will discuss your needs, wants and every desire - until we identify a clear set of project requirements. We will discuss your current and future needs and the spaces and people in your home.  This phase may feel like the 20 questions of renovating - but trust me, this phase is crucial in maximising your dollars.

Project Planning

This is where we take all of your requirements and test there feasibility (i.e. is that really going to work within budget).  We will develop a timeline, obtain/review technical plans that are required (i.e. 3Ds for your new kitchen).  If we need to engage subject matter experts - i.e. the engineers, drafters etc, then we will.  These plans will then be approved by council and we are onto execution.

Project Execution

Down goes the axe. We have lift of.. We've done the hard yards and now its time to see some action.  Your home will become a frenzy of activity (in an organised manner). And you can watch your home or investment transform. 

Project Close Out

The under-loved section of many projects.  We will have a dedicated close out meeting with you - to hand over any key documentation (plans, contracts, user manuals) and celebrate the success of your project,  We will discuss what went well and what could have been better.